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India Hicks "Love Letters" Collection

At home in the fashion world, India Hicks is the third child of Lady Mountbatten and David Nightengale Hicks (a fashion designer as well). is inspired in her design of "Love Letters".

As she states, “When ever we travelled as children our luggage was neatly labelled with personalized luggage tags. A geometric ‘I’ for India, or ‘E’ for Edwina, on a bright orange strip against a turquoise background. Lordy, the humiliation. A family on holiday with monogrammed matching luggage labels, in stand out colour combinations. Of course looking back nothing could have been chicer... The possibilities are endless…." Read More about India Hicks

A Romantic and Sophisticated "I Love You"

It’s one of the most personal creations in the elegant India Hicks Love Letters collection: an Initial Pendant on an Adjustable Chain Necklace. Giving that special person an Initial Pendant is a romantic and sophisticated way to say, “I love you!” in the universal language of beautiful jewellery.

These sterling silver pendants arrange the letter of your choice in a chic geometric pattern. The result: a graceful, stylish, original look beyond that of any ordinary initial pendant necklace.

At Creative Goldsmiths, we carry the beautiful India Hicks Love Letters collection. Stop by our showroom today to find a gift for the one you love.

Love Letters Pendant
item# SVPF008-A
Love Letters Pendant
item# SVPF008-C
Love Letters Pendant
item# SVPF008-E
Love Letters Pendant
item# SVPF095-J
Love Letters Pendant
item# SVPF095-K
Love Letters Pendant
item# SVPF095-L
Love Letters Pendant
item# SVPF095-M


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